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Discover the 3 Unusual Areas Your Email List is Leaking Money…

And the ‘Email Bounty Hunting’ formula for collecting 21% more revenue on autopilot each month

Did you know the only thing standing in your way of adding an additional 21% in sales is only 3 things?


Sure... there are literally hundreds of things you COULD be doing to grow your sales…


Like buying ads on FB, Google, Youtube etc.


Or using content marketing to get more customers organically…


Or even doing affiliate marketing so you get more leads in your funnel without ads…


And of course, these are all legit ways to grow your business…


But what if there is already money lying in front of you in plain sight…


You just haven’t discovered it yet?


You see after working with 27 businesses…


I noticed they all have one common theme…


They’re not using these 3 key areas in order to grow their revenue by at least 21%.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t have your own copywriter, email list manager or the skills to do it yourself.

I’ve laid out everything for you in detail so you find it easy and simple to implement.


So as you can see, you don’t have to overwhelm yourself by finding new ways to grow your business…


These 3 things can easily grow your revenue without spending a single penny and in record time.


Here’s what’s inside the ‘3 Unusual Areas Your Email List is Leaking Money’ Guide:

  • How to double your conversions by using the ‘Email Bounty Hunting’ abandoned sequence blueprint


  • The costly mistake businesses are making that’s losing them 10% of sales each month


  • The secret money-making automation most businesses don’t know about - it literally takes 10 minutes to setup


  • How to revive DEAD subscribers and turn them into active paying customers


  • The easiest and fastest way to discover how much email revenue you’re missing out

Enter your first name & email below to discover the 'Three Unusual Areas Your Email List is Leaking Money' Guide:

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Who's this guy?

Hi I'm Alex. I currently live in Cyprus with my beautiful wife and daughter.

I'm also known as the 'Email Bounty Hunter.' This is the nickname I got after increasing the revenue of 27 businesses just by implementing so
me unusual email strategies and generating over $2 million in email & sms revenue for my clients.

When you get to know me you'll realize that I'm just a normal guy with an interesting back story which I'll share as soon as you join my private email list.

Can't wait to welcome you!



"Our emails were going to spam. We weren't generating any revenue. Alex fixed our spam issue within a month and now, 22% of our total revenue is coming from email marketing." 

"We were having some spam issues. Alex came in and within a week we were seeing progress. Now after 2 months we are getting 30% opens and our revenue has increased as well." 


Patrick Teoh, Ecommerce Entrepreneur

"We have been working with Alex for the last 6 months - getting him to manage one of our ecommerce store's list. 

Alex has helped us with our deliverability issues, improving our campaigns' engagement rate, and planning & setting up our flows within our ESP.

As a result, our email revenue has increased 4.5X in just 2 months from the moment we got Alex in!

On top of that, Alex gave us a lot of suggestions and ways on doing promotions on our existing email lists. 

Alex as an individual is a dedicated and generous person who is willing to share his knowledge with us. He is always about giving values. I am glad and grateful to work with Alex.


Pete Devkota, Ecommerce Growth Consultant - Over $100MM generated for clients

"I have a secret weapon and his name is Alex. For everything deliverability related, Alex is always my go-to man.


I have a 7 figure client that recently was facing some spam issues. Basically, whenever we sent an email, it would land in spam for Gmail users. I consulted Alex and he gave us a step-by-step action plan to execute.


He was always there to support me and my client. We started seeing some positive results in less than a week which was very encouraging.


Now our open rates are looking much better and we're generating consistent revenue every time we send an email. It was an absolute pleasure working with him.


And I highly recommend him to anyone who's facing deliverability issues. Especially now after iOS15 and Google's updates."


Allen Smith, Founder of Crystal Flush

"Before working with Alex, our email marketing was practically non-existent.  


We were leaving lots of money on the table with so many missed sales opportunities.


Alex has helped us build our list and increase our LTV dramatically.  Our last sales promotion that Alex created brought in the most revenue we’ve ever seen from our client base.  


I highly recommend Alex to anybody who has an email program or needs to start one from scratch.  Not only is he a master at email, but he’s a great guy to work with and truly cares about his client’s success.  "


Ugo Balestrazzi, Ecommerce Email Marketer

"I've witnessed Alex's remarkable skills and expertise firsthand as a colleague. When it comes to email strategy, finding unique angles, and maximizing inbox impact, he's AMAZING.


His knowledge in email copywriting, deliverability, and creating seamless customer journeys is top-notch.

 If you're an eCommerce store looking to excel in email marketing, he's the go-to expert to elevate your email game and hit your KPI targets."


Carol Lourie,
Naturopath, Licensed Acupuncturist, Homeopath, Functional Medicine Practitioner

"It's very discouraging to work really hard on writing, producing and sending emails — only to have open rates of less than 10% and clicks less than 0.5%. 


I was very fortunate to find Alex Gregoriades. Within five minutes of our first meeting, he had discovered that part of my problem was my IP address was "Blacklisted"! I didn't even know that there was such a list, more or less know I was on it or understand how I got there! But Alex knew exactly what to do to fix that problem, and he tackled that right away.


List management is a specialty in itself and there are technical aspects of list management that only experts know how to do.


Alex managed to "clean up" my list, and dropped the "dead weight." Now my open rates are consistently around 30% and clicks around 2%!


He also has fantastic copywriting skills, a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful in this business and, in some ways this is the most important thing of all, is just a pleasure to work with! You're fortunate to have him as part of your team!"


Gregory Dean,
Email List Manager, Copywriter

"I've been managing an email list of about 300k. I know some things about email deliverability, but not enough, so I hired Alex to do a deliverability audit for me.

I expected he'd give a few suggestions but the dude gave me a full blown list of EIGHT things I needed to change. But more than this, he overdelivered by telling me how to address every single issue and what steps I should take next.

Since addressing the issues, open rates have doubled on average. One email even hit an open rate 4x higher than anything I've sent previously. If you're looking to get out of the spam box, or you're just trying to improve deliverability for your list, hire Alex... he knows his sh*t"


Troy Ericson,
CEO of Email Paramedic - Over $100MM generated for clients

"Alex understands email copy & deliverability in a way that can help any business make more money on the back end. I 100% recommend him if you're wanting to find hidden revenue on your list. He's been my most active, engaged, and hungry student I've ever had - and those traits will carry over into your business."


Ariele Myers,
Fertility Specialist

"With Alex's help I was able to improve my email list's health, deliver high-quality emails to my list, and have revenue-driven automations in my Email Service Provider which generates sales for me on autopilot. So pleased with his work and I'd recommend him to business owners who're looking to optimize their email marketing."


Jade Yong, Affiliate Manager

"I’ve sent many clients Alex’s way and every single one of them have had positive feedback after working with him. He’s easy to work with, and so good at what he does. Most of all, he’s just a good human being at the core. There aren’t many list managers that I have that level of confidence in, but I’m assured that Alex DELIVERS every time"

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